Use case: Upgrading a customer Service

The following process walkthrough describes step-by-step how x:akta can help an ISP upgrade a customer service from broadband to triple play.

This involves customer requests, qualification checks, customer care notification, parameter generation and service activation.

Step 1 1. A request comes in to upgrade a customer from Broadband Internet service to Triple Play.
Step 2 2. A check is made in x:akta if the equipment at the customer's location is equipped for Triple Play
Step 3 3. x:akta verifies with an address database if the customer is withing the required range from an access point. Customer Care is notified that the service is ready to be upgraded.
Step 4 4. The customer is notified that the service is ready to be upgraded to Triple Play.
Step 5 5. Parameters are generated in x:akta for the equipment at the customer's location. The parameters are then passed to the specified equipment for activation.
Step 6 6. After the service has been validated, the work order is complete. The revised customer details are sent to the billing system.

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