Use case: Provide end-to-end connectivity

The following process walkthrough describes step-by-step how x:akta can help a Carrier's Carrier provide an end-to-end connection in a multi-vendor network.

This involves availability checks, automatic routing, patching localization, report generation, installation support, IP generation and configuration, parameter generation and activation.

Step 1 1. A request comes in to set up an IP connection between two sites through a multi-vendor network.
Step 2 2. x:akta is used to find free ports with IP connectivity at each site.
Step 3 3. Using x:akta's routing tools, connectivity is found across the multi-vendor network. Necessary patching information is located by x:akta.
Step 4 4. If new patching is needed, x:akta generates a drawing in standard Visio format, showing detailed patching information.
Step 5 5. Technicians perform the necessary patching on site, using the Visio drawings generated by x:akta.
Step 6 6. IP addresses and subnets are automatically configured using the x:akta IP manager.
Step 7 7. The appropriate parameters are generated by x:akta and passed to the specified equipment in the field for activation.
Step 8 8. The connection is validated and the work order is completed.

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