Solutions features for unified networks

One single product for comprehensive OSS fulfillment. Unified management and audit of all physical and virtual network assets in rapidly evolving communication environments.

For all network types

Solution features for unified networks:


Critical business processes in the wireless domain supported by x:akta solutions:

With x:akta you are able to:

ISP, Cable and FTTx

Critical business processes for ISPs, Cable and FTTx operators supported by x:akta based solutions:

With x:akta you are able to:

For all user groups

x:akta is an extremely flexible product, and can be adapted to many layers in your organization. Below you will find examples of user groups whose problems can be solved with the help of x:akta.


Executives benefit from x:akta that allow interaction with business-critical processes in network operations in ever-changing environments.
For example; modeling reliable cost-calculations of implementing new services.

OSS/BSS Architects

OSS/BSS Architects can introduce efficiency into network operations in manageable stages through its open integration tools and APIs - with minimum disruption to operations. x:akta enables automated deployment of new complex communications technologies which require 100% accuracy, by providing a complete end-to-end network resource model.


Engineers improve accuracy and time to market through planning, provisioning & service activation interactively with dynamic inventory. They can rely on the automated processes whether it’s for IP, 2G/3G mobile, ADSL, transmission or CableTV networks.

Any combination of network technologies and platforms such as "Triple Play" becomes manageable through a unified x:akta solution with a standard Microsoft Windows user interface.