Use case: Expanding your network

The following process walkthrough describes step-by-step how x:akta can help an operator offer and implement an expansion of an FTTH network into a residential area

This involves customer requests, equipment and connectivity planning, report generation, sales support and installation support.

Step 1 1. A request comes in to offer an expansion of the FTTH network into a residential area.
Step 2 2. Equipment and connectivity are planned in x:akta, using standard templates and wizards. The new branch is marked as Planned in x:akta.
Step 3 3. A report of the planned equipment and connectivity is generated in x:akta and sent to the Sales Department.
Step 4 4. The Sales Department calculates a price based on the reports from x:akta. An offer is made to the customer.
Step 5 5. The offer is accepted, and the equipment and connectivity are ordered.
Step 6 6. x:akta generates reports to installation technicians on site, e.g. ODF patching reports and engineering drawings.
Step 7 7. Technicians install the equipment and connectivity using the reports generated by x:akta. The equipment and connectivity is marked as Installed in x:akta
Step 8 8. The service is activated from a central office. The status is set to In Service in x:akta.

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