Use case: Circuit planning & inventory for fiber networks, typical integration with third party outside plant applications (e.g. GIS)

General Inventory Principles

fiber-related information is a part of the network inventory that includes:

Aktavara offers x:akta for planning and operations based on dynamic network inventory.
The inventory information is a base for network operations activities and is automatically updated as a natural part of business processes.

Example of x:akta ETT Customer Circuit

x:akta ETT with Cable info - suitable for planning, operations and maintenance

Circuit Planning and Inventory for Fiber Networks with xakta

Single fiber is described as a path terminating in ODF ports, using cables between the sites.

Circuit Planning and Inventory for Fiber Networks with xakta

The "end-to-end" fiber is recorded as a path nesting the cables it uses on the way. Also the cable position can be recorded. Each cable is an object containing all the positions. It is easy to see how many are in use and used by what.

Integration principles

x:akta manages all services and inside plant

Outside plant application manages

The ports of the ODF are the common reference:

Every network operator has some kind of inventory system, or several. Most of them are dependent on several unsynchronized sources, and in different formats.

Aktavara x:akta ETT is the only product that provides dynamic inventory management - efficiently.

Other x:akta use cases

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