Demonstrated business benefits

To manage your network infrastructure you need refined set of integrated tools such as advanced resource inventory management systems, powerful planning tools, flexible report tools and an automated work order handler. x:akta is all of these and much more.

With x:akta, you can:

The missing link

x:akta solves the missing link between CRM and Billing. Reliable network information compared with customer databases and billing records identifies any inconsistencies and additional revenues can be assured. Unused capacity becomes an asset.

Effective planning and provisioning tools shorten the TTM and the TTC. The process-oriented planning speeds up network engineering with higher quality results.


Typical improvement is from 3 days to 15 minutes when provisioning circuits or capacity.
Increased accuracy from 30% to 97%. 


Typical improvement from 2 days to 1 hour in network planning of 3G networks.


Reduced Capital Expenditure of 5-10% by using best practices for optimal design.


Reduced Operational Costs 10-20%. Engineering tasks are reliably performed by less expensive personnel in less time. Highly skilled technicians are freed up to manage mission-critical processes.


Increased network utilization

Typical gain 10-20% by fine tuning the network to use the installed and planned resources effectively.
99% accuracy in inventory – better disaster recovery.

Effective disaster recovery

Let's assume a router breaks down. A technician replaces the hardware. But what happens with the configuration? Use x:akta to load the configuration from the inventory database. It will only take a few seconds.

What happens at a cable-cut? Which customers are affected? Which circuits are protected? Can we re-route the traffic? How?

x:akta provides the necessary information and tools to deal with the problem quickly. And you can inform your customers before they start calling for help.


In tele- and data communications businesses, x:akta software is extremely cost-efficient for:

Physical inventory, planning and provisioning

Quickly and easily drill down to see individual sites and their connectivity, then drill down again to port level on specific equipment cards. The built-in sophisticated search tools facilitate the retrieval of reliable network information.

Location data, with links to external documents

Record critical site information including addresses, rental agreements, and access to the site. Attach external data files to an object for additional detail.

End-to-end circuit design and management

User-friendly GUIs provide dynamically generated circuit displays. Supports multi-vendor, multi-protocol networks for any network model (wireless, wireline, voice, data, transmission and combinations of the above) and different technologies such as DWDM, SDH, PDH, ATM, Frame Relay, VPN, xDSL and IP etc.

Capacity and bandwidth management

Manage circuit status and assignment of capacity. User-defined models can be made available for capacity provisioning of any transmission type.

Spare & faulty parts management

Record the location and details of network spare parts and faulty equipment through the creation of storage cabinets, rooms and "repair baskets".

The quest for efficiency and cost reductions in operations

No matter which business you are in, competitive advantage comes from continuously working with reducing cost in your operations, managing your cash flow and increasing your efficiency in dealing with the business opportunities at hand. This is a significant challenge for most Telecom Operators today.
We believe that Telecom Operators need to improve the speed of provisioning new services by: