x:akta NRM

Interactive network resource manager

Plan, design and manage physical as well as virtual network assets from all vendors for any technology in a unified model. Aktavara's x:akta product suite provides network operators with an interactive, unified repository for complete active and passive network resources - end to end.

x:akta NRM enables operators to efficiently leverage any combination of network technologies from various vendors to deliver their full range of service packages, from IPTV to LTE and beyond.

x:akta is a highly configurable software suite for automated network resource planning & inventory. x:akta-based solutions radically improve the deployment and operation of networks.

High performance at a low cost. Multi-service. Multi-technology. Multi-vendor.

x:akta is a new generation of innovative software for creating and maintaining business-critical network information. The software package consists of a series of independent modules for a wide range of corporate users.

The x:akta products provide radically improved processes for planning, implementing and managing all types of communication networks. The network model that is created and maintained by x:akta provides the network logic for associating services with the appropriate resources they depend on - existing or planned - as well as complete resource inventory data.

This information supports the operator's business processes throughout the various stages of the network asset life-cycle.

Proactive Network Lifecycle Management

x:akta guarantees inherent platform independent, sustainable integration with other OSS/BSS components. Aktavara makes it possible for operators to freely choose technologies, service packages and hardware vendors for their networks so they can deliver their services to customers - quickly and reliably!

By integrating planning, design and operation of all physical as well as logical network resources, x:akta ensures reliable delivery of convergent services across domains.

x:akta enables reliable network transformation and unification of all multi-technology environments.
Status auditing, network upgrades and vendor change-outs are controlled in a single synchronized data model.

x:akta provides a consolidated, end to end model of all packet-switched and circuit-switched networks.
It can be extended or enhanced through configuration.
No complex software upgrades or operational disruptions.

x:akta NRM Highlights

x:akta provides

The Aktavara x:akta dynamic inventory system is always in tune with the real network via automated planning, reconciliation and provisioning processes.

x:akta NRM GUI


Automated generation to external formats including Excel, HTML, Visio.
Reports in x:akta
Connectivity in x:akta


Patching, end-to-end services, multipoint services, routing and layering.

Physical infrastructure

Dynamically generated views of sites, floorplans, racks, network elements, ports.
Physical infrastructure in x:akta
Graphical overview in x:akta

Graphical overview

Interactive network diagrams & topologies, network explorer, maps (GIS integration).


Projects, tasks and dependencies.
Processes in x:akta
Searches in x:akta


Quick, configurable and powerful.