Aktavara software and services are used by service providers and network operators in Europe and the Middle East including Telefónica, Trafikverket, Tunisiana and Net1.

x:akta ETT is a new generation of COTS software based on years of strategic relationships with operators, equipment providers and leading software vendors including Microsoft and Oracle.

Technology Partners

 Oracle Partner Network        Microsoft Preferred Solution Provider 
        Microsoft Windows Azure Microsoft SQL Server Microsoft Partner Network    

Solution Partners

Aktavara Partner Program is a central part of Aktavara's delivery overall strategy. By working closely with business partners, Aktavara can add value to partners' product portfolio as well as service offerings. By combining Aktavara products with other fitting applications and offerings, value is created for customers, partners as well as for Aktavara.

Aktavara Partner Program includes partners from all parts of the value chain in the IT and Telecom industries, from hardware vendors to system integrators. No matter where in the chain they are, they can all reap the benefits of a partnership with Aktavara. Our unique software will bring you ahead of the competition.

Value Added Reseller/Vendor Partner Program

Benefits: Value Added Resellers and Vendors of IT & Telecom network products can package their offers together with Aktavara's software and thereby provide added value to existing as well as new customers.

Software Vendor/System Integrator Partner Program

Benefits: Software Vendors and SI's can, using Aktavara's software, offer their customers an unprecedented solution that combines a high level of efficiency and quality.

Become an Aktavara Partner

By joining Aktavara's Partner Program you and your customers can benefit from added value to your existing offers, created by combining Aktavara products with your own, e.g. applications, hardware, services etc.

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