Company Profile


Aktavara provides turnkey software that dramatically improves telecom and network operators' efficiency in bringing their services to their customers quickly and reliably. Fixed and Mobile.

Aktavara provides unique OSS/BSS software products covering Interactive Network Resource Planning and Inventory Management together with Network Configuration on the same platform.

Customer Driven

The company philosophy is to work closely with customers and partners to configure customer-centric solutions using generic out-of-the-box functionality. The development of Aktavara COTS software has been driven by customer needs that have been consolidated and optimized into a versatile and robust product.

We have a dedicated team of experts who can assist with the design, planning and rollout of a vastly improved network operation with a focus on the customer. Aktavara offers proactive, pragmatic advice and consultation throughout the implementation cycle. This philosophy carries through into customer support.

Aktavara's software is used by telecommunications carriers and network operators in Europe and the Middle East. We are an innovative company focused on delivering software that solves modern business problems.

Aktavara is based in Stockholm, Sweden, with strong representation in many countries. Aktavara AB is part of the Enghouse Networks group of companies.

Aktavara is a member of TM Forum