Integrated OSS/BSS

Inventory-powered Planning and Operation of Networks

Interoperability of x:akta in an integrated OSS/BSS environment:

Inventory-powered planning and operations of networks with xakta

  1. Reconciliation, Existing network, Planned network, Free capacity, Used capacity, Service routing.
  2. Parameter generation for activation.
  3. Network design/assign, Floor plan and rack design, Service design, Capacity management, New infrastructure and technologies, Vendor change-out.
  4. Lookup of services, customers affected by cable cuts, planned work, equipment failure etc.
  5. Integrations with GIS, data warehouse, customer care, fault management, work flow etc. Textual and graphical reports, installation drawings, patching instructions. Spare part management.
  6. Request to plan/configure network equipment or customer services.
  7. Verification of customer or network services.
  8. Automatically find and update equipment and parameters from your network.
  9. Provide configuration parameter files for network equipment. Support activation of services over the network.
  10. Store configurations for network equipment.


Aktavara provides software to world-class network operators , including mobile, broadband and cable.

The x:akta OSS/BSS solution automates:

...for all types of networks including 2G/3G/4G, Triple Play, MPLS/VPN etc.

Built on a reliable foundation of dynamic network asset inventory, x:akta is the most cost-efficient solution on the market.
Aktavara x:akta enables operators to efficiently leverage any combination of network technologies from various vendors to deliver their full range of service packages quickly, accurately - and profitably.