x:akta concepts

Network Planning & resource management with x:akta

Aktavara's x:akta software interactively manages all physical as well as virtual network assets in today's fast changing communications environments - both fixed and mobile.

Network expansion and the introduction of new technologies and services require reliable up to date technical details across different vendor configurations and topologies as well as the relationships between them.

x:akta builds and maintains a complete network resource model by leveraging the information available from the different equipment vendors’ EMS’s and mapping it into a unified model. The data is enriched with extensive information from x:akta's Resource Templates and provides a reliable base for the network planners.

Output from the system includes parameter generation as well as automated engineering drawings and BOMs. The results of the engineering efforts are captured via x:akta's auto-discovery and reconciliation.

Dynamic inventory

x:akta inventory is process-driven

Process-driven dynamic inventory
The actual network assets - constantly changing, evolving, growing.
New equipment, services and customers, increased capacity etc.

Business-critical Processes are driven and controlled by x:akta Automator - a workflow integration framework.
Each Project initiates pre-defined standardized Processes.
Projects are completed when the Processes have returned confirmation of changes in the actual network to the Dynamic Inventory.

Aktavara x:akta is the only product that provides true dynamic inventory management.

About network assets

Process-oriented planning & engineering

Your company standards and business rules drive the planning and the engineering work when x:akta is implemented. All the planning work is based on rules and templates, customizable to your specific needs. The work progress can be readily supervised by the team leaders.
Planning output in x:akta is used for both manual and automated activation of services.

Example: RAN Planning

Quick Win Solution - Biolding Block 2

Inventory & Planning in a fully integrated solution

Network resource management & operations

Quick Win Solution - Building Block 1

x:akta NRM - Network Resource Management and Planning tool provides your organization with accurate network information. Data is created and maintained in a single source. x:akta includes equipment inventory, physical and logical connectivity as well as capacity and service related information. Data is automatically updated by reconciliation and auto-discovery processes.

Planners and engineers use specific x:akta tools for generating new data. Planned parameters based on configurable templates can be provided to provisioning systems.

Multi-vendor, multi-technology

Aktavara's x:akta is capable of simultaneously working with multiple vendors and network technologies in a single model. This applies to the entire network lifecycle - from planning a new network to managing a fully operational network, handling complex tasks such as vendor change-outs and merging fixed and mobile networks.

Juniper Networks
ADVA Optical Networks
Nokia Siemens

Major network equipment vendors providing different network technologies that have been modeled and configured in various customer implementations of x:akta include ADVA, Alcatel-Lucent, Bosch, Ciena, Cisco, Coriant, ECI, Ericsson, Hitachi, Huawei, HP, Juniper, NEC, Nokia Siemens, Nortel, Tellabs, Transmode and ZTE.

The metadata models are easily updated or even replaced using the x:akta Designer tools - without any programming or new software versions. Aktavara also cooperates with many of these vendors for integration with their proprietary OMS for Auto-discovery and Network Reconciliation with x:akta Communicator.