Modular Software

Adapt the software to your needs, not the other way around

The x:akta software suite is modular. All the components are built on a common platform, underlying core for all x:akta users, as well as for those who only work directly with the x:akta business application plugins.

Automated solutions tailored for your business

Modular architecture provides you with unique advantages over your competitors. x:akta web services make light, configurable applications readily available to a broad range of user categories.
You pay only for the components you need and they will be delivered pre-configured to fit your business processes. Additional components can be added at any time.

Core Product Components

The core x:akta product components are:

x:akta Console

Sophisticated user interface

x:akta Administrator

Tool for managing the database and it's users

Optional Product Modules

x:akta Automator

Process management and workflow integration application

x:akta Communicator

Communicator is a set of tools for data import and export purposes in daily business processes;
primarily auto-discovery/network reconciliation but also for initial data build.
It is delivered as a pre-configured runtime module for automated processes, so Console end users do not directly interact with it, but rather see the results of the automated processes in the form of validated inventory data in the Console or in reports.


Communicator highlights:

x:akta Excel Reporter

Generates Microsoft Excel files dynamically based on criteria specified by an administrator.

x:akta Graphical Reporter

Generates Visio drawings dynamically based on criteria specified by an administrator.

Generate Visio reports with xakta Graphical Reporter

x:akta IP Manager

Development Tools

x:akta is designed for flexibility. The vast majority of functional enhancements and changes in behavior are simply achieved via system configuration. Customers and partners have access to a fully featured design environment.

x:akta offers a complete development enabled ecosystem; from fine grained client layer extensibility to a complete set of web services and server extensibility.

x:akta Designer

Full featured environment for system design

x:akta Designer

x:akta SDK

Development tools for creating specialized x:akta applications and integrations

The x:akta SDK represents the collection of API's, services, tools, components, samples and related documentation dedicated for creating integrations, functional customizations and extensions.