x:akta software architecture

100% service oriented architecture from the ground up

x:akta is an authentic SOA product based on advanced industry standards. x:akta is built on the .NET framework and uses web-services for all its client-server communication. The same set of web services are used for platform independent integration. x:akta leverages the latest technologies from Microsoft and Oracle and includes superior internal tools for data input/output and reliable migration.

x:akta is deployed on scalable, high performing, high available and cost effective server farms. It is configured for mission critical level load balancing and fail over made enabled by the stateless x:akta server layer.

x:akta is deployed on private and public clouds. A single farm may support multiple target systems.

x:akta uses smart clients enabled by Microsoft .NET ClickOnce for centralized client deployment and ease of maintainability.


xakta Deployment


Open system - Industry standards

All Aktavara software is aligned with the most advanced functional and architectural standards as currently defined by the Telemanagement Forum.

Frameworx - software for New Generation Operation Systems

Aktavara supports Frameworx (previously NGOSS) interoperability based on Contracts and Components. This structure permeates the concept of Frameworx Lifecycle, relating Business to Operations and providing traceability throughout the Frameworx Lifecycle.
x:akta's software evolution has been specifically driven by the goals that are driving the ITU-T management recommendations for interoperability and the TMF's business process standardization efforts, within the overall framework of multi-service operators' business processes.

Aktavara's company approach is to provide Telecom Operators with

software for New Generation Operation Systems (Frameworx)

Aktavara software supports industry-agreed specifications and guidelines that cover key business and technical areas including in particular those established at the Telemanagement Forum:

Read more about Frameworx at TMF

Multi-Technology Operations System Interface (MTOSI)

Service Providers must deliver new services and products more effectively – faster and cheaper – than ever before in an environment that requires inter-working between many different Vendors, Technologies, and Systems.
MTOSI (Multi-Technology Operations System Interface) describes a standardized reference structure to connect these components together.
x:akta supports all of the Inventory and Lifecycle requirements stated in the first release of the MTOSI Business Agreement, the majority of them at a detailed level, and the remainder at a conceptual but easily implementable level.
Read more about MTOSI at TMF

Business Process Framework

The eTOM is a standardized Business Process Framework.
This gives guidance in the development of business processes and in the automation of processes for

Read more about eTOM at TMF

Information Framework

SID (Shared Information/Data model) defines information/data definitions and models.
Domains that are included in Release 1 are

Common Business Entities to be covered in future releases include

The SID model can be viewed as a companion model to the eTOM, in that it provides a common information/data language from a data perspective. Teamed with the eTOM the SID model also provides both a process and data view.
Read more about SID at TMF

Integration Framework

Aktavara is a true advocate of Technology Neutral Architecture, TNA. Flexibility, openess, Industry standard Components, best practices in Software Development and total Vendor independency have always been central in our approach.
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